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Options involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please do your own research prior to investing in options. It is important to evaluate strategies you may utilize, to understand the risk and suitability.

Dan Rawitch, along with his DBA's, "Option Addicts", "University Of Options" and "Market Mentorship" are not investment advisers and do not hold the necessary registration with US Securities and Exchange Commissions or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Mr. Rawitch, his team and Option Addicts are placing trades in their own accounts and sharing said trades with its members. Option Addicts and University Of Options are primarily unaccredited teaching organizations. There is no guarantee that future trade selections will be profitable. Future results could vary greatly from past successes.

We do not include all fees that are required, when sharing results. These fees range from taxes, commissions and margin interest. Said expenses will negatively impact overall returns.

Dan Rawitch, Option Addicts and University Of Options have financial interests in the trades presented to members. We have no current affiliation with any brokerages we trade with.



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What People Are Saying:

Yes! I love your content. Great call on the 103.23 for MBS. I waited to lock until today and the buyers are very happy. I want to learn more from you and become an expert!

Greg G

Dan- Thanks for the call on SPCE. I am closing 1/3 of my position for a 158% profit

Craig L

dan, thanks for the BLDP recommendation in Nov. I just closed my call options for a 510% gain!

Michael T

Dan, I sold all the NIO stock for a profit of $108k! Thank you!

Aiden G

I swear to God, I wait for your posts every day to decide whether to lock or not. You are better and less expensive than MBS Highway. haha

Jim Doughterty

Dan has guided me for years and has never let me down. I feel like an imposter when I recite his info to my clients Sometimes! LOL! If it was not for his generosity I would be bartending his events

Eric Atilano